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Invest Amazônia

The Amazon rainforest has become a critical point in global discussions on climate change and environment. It still needs to be perceived as a golden hub of business opportunities and investment. 


For the region to sustainably contribute at global scale to climate change mitigation and environmental preservation and conservation, it needs to become a destination for investment and conscious business endeavors. 


The InvestAmazônia is the union of knowledge, experience and purpose set in place to contribute for a new paradigm in the Amazon region. 

Our Beliefs

We believe that in order to build a new Economy in the Amazon it is paramount to challenge the way we think and feel about the region. 


Our core values rely on cooperative exchanges and mutual interest as we understand that prosperity and success can be achieved for all involved.

Respect and understanding of Amazonian culture and values are our driving-force.


For us the Amazon region is ancestral, innovative and sustainable by default. In this sense, we are committed to promoting the region as a source of innovation & business opportunity, facilitating science diplomacy & entrepreneurship, disseminating traditional communities lifestyle and knowledge, and fostering creative economy.  

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how we work

Invest Amazonia draws on our network to guarantee specific results and win-win solutions. We design specific projects/ventures, with robust planning and creative strategy.


Our work is based on strategy, partnership and disruptive mindset.  

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who we are

InvestAmazônia is a business that blends Amazonian expertise and international experience. 

With a select network of highly qualified professionals, we build a collective intelligence and match regional demands to foreign interests with a unique, context-specific, opportunity-led, design. 

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what we do


We guarantee successful soft landing in Amazon region.



We help you find the right businesses by identifying the right opportunities  to your demands. And we also support the negotiation process.



Challenge-driven projects/ventures, blending Amazonian perspective with global vision, accounting for risk mitigation and result-efficient processes.  

behind the scenes

Mayra Castro 


Mayra is an Amazonian native with large experience in international partnerships, project design, cultural translation and team leadership. Having lived in Europe for 6  years, mostly, Switzerland, she is very knowledgeable and experienced in making bridges between sectors, countries and interests. 


She built and headed the Swiss government scientific consulate in São Paulo (swissnex Brazil) connecting Brazil and Switzerland in science, innovation, arts and education.  She also coordinated and built the partnership arrangement for a ETH-Zurich project (AtlantikSolar) in the Amazon, powered by the Swiss government, Government of the State of Pará, System of Protection of the Amazon (SIPAM), among others. 


She has created her own brand as a connection & partnership builder to forge collective intelligence based on win-win, strategy, enthusiasm and value generation.   


So far, she has built in Brazil over 30 deliverables, among business missions, projects, events and partnerships. 

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Mayra Castro - CEO Invest Amazônia

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